Merrymoo A2 Pure Cow Milk Desi Ghee

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  • Produced using pure A2 milk from our Sahiwal Cows
  • Yellow colored textured ghee
  • Rich in aroma
  • Blends with all types of meal
  • Method of making Ghee:
      • Milk is collected from free grazed Sahiwal cows after calves are fed
      • Milk is boiled over firewood
      • Overnight resting in earthen pots to make whole curd
      • Curd is churned to get butter
      • Boiling evaporates water
      • Pure A2 Desi Ghee is obtained.
  • Free Delivery in Delhi – Gurugram

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500 g, 1 kg

16 reviews for Merrymoo A2 Pure Cow Milk Desi Ghee

  1. Rahul Gupta

    Beautifully clear, perfect consistency, fresh tasting. This ghee is of amazing quality and I love the fact that it is organic and the fodder for the cows is grown organically too, a fact which is in my view vitally important for any dairy product. I have already ordered a big jar of this ghee and milk as it has been loved by all my family members.


    Best A2 PURE COW MILK DESI GHEE in Gurgaon. Taste and Smell is Good. Original Product. I never Tasted Such a Delicious Product in Ghee Segment. My Son And Other Family Members were not interested in taking ghee in daily routine, But After using this product, we are using regularly. This is an important part of our kitchen.

  3. HIMANSHU Dahiya

    I had constipation for last few years . One of my friend suggested me to use this ghee with milk at night. I take one glass of milk every day before one hour of sleep. One with this now a have no constipation. It also increased my appetite. If you have any stomach problems then take one spoon of this ghee in morning with hot water and take it sips as tea . merrymoofarms

  4. Mohit Ohlyan

    I used this ghee in last week . This ghee really deserves appreciation. The real taste of Merrymoo A2 Pure Cow Milk Desi Ghee without any preservatives and extra smell. After using 1 kg I could understand it’s effects and I came to know why our elders used to have #A2 DesiCows at their home .

  5. Tanishq Dagar

    Bhai Ghee is 100 percent pure . It’s natural aroma is sound good and feel healthy and natural smell. This is real effect of home made #A2 Pure Cow Milk Desi Ghee . A2 protein effects can feel in this box . Packing is good and rate also genuine according to the market .

  6. Pankaj Sharma

    I have been using this #Merrymoo A2 Pure Cow Milk Desi Ghee for last 8 months . I can see the results on my health. You must try once . This #Ghee is made up with Desi cow milk. The special thing is that cows goes for natural grazing. Open grazing gives the special medicinal effects to this Desi cow #A2Ghee.
    My family love 😘 this #A2 Pure Cow Milk Desi Ghee

  7. Deepanshu Sejwal

    I like this ghee because of its results. I taste last year when I was in Gurgaon. My mama ji is very fond of this #Merrymoo A2 Pure Cow Milk Desi Ghee . He is using for medicinal purpose . He had constipation. But since mama ji started to use this #A2Ghee he has no problem with stomach . I lost my allergic issues due to using this #Merrymoo A2 Pure Cow Milk Desi Ghee. I love it’s results and taste

  8. kapildagar dagar

    Thanks to this desi cow lover. Special thanks for providing the A2 ghee on a such a low price. I have used 2,200 per kg rate ghee but this is far better only at 1000 per kg. The texture of the ghee is super and colour is natural. thank you Merrymoo

  9. Mohit Duhan

    I love to use this Merrymoo A2 Pure Cow Milk Desi Ghee. My friend gifted me on my birthday. This was the best and healthiest gift I received on my 18th birthday. Taste and aroma is awesome

  10. vijay balhara

    I used this Merrymoo A2 Pure Cow Milk Desi Ghee as per consultation of my family ayurvedic doctor. In starting when i started to use this desi cow ghee i was totally unaware about the benefits. After 10 days i found that there is no constipation in my stomack i had some pain in my knees also now i have sufficient relife in my pain. Besides eating this ghee i also apply on my whole body. I get two whole body massage of this ghee every week the result is that now my skin is shinning and there is no itching problem in my body. I recommend this ghee from the core of my hearth

  11. rudraksh

    Last week i ordered this Merrymoo A2 Pure Cow Milk Desi Ghee and recieved today . I tasted one tea spoon it is really hand made ghee. Its taste is natural and smells is unique. When i came to know the reason of special smell.
    I found the reason of natural grazing of Gau is real desi cow ghee

  12. shri krishan ji

    I used this ghee last week . I was really surprised that it was far better than those I bought with High price more than double than this . Gau Mata ka ashirwas has the best natural color and perfect texture . It is really Merrymoo A2 Pure Cow Milk Desi Ghee and when I use this I feel the taste of my childhood when mygrand mother had desi cow in my village.

  13. Ishu Badhwar

    I do agnihotra everyday in the morning. For this holy puja I need desi cow ghee . Last month I saw a video on YouTube and came to know about Gau mata ka ashirwad . I ordered from #merrymoofarms and received ghee within one week. I was very much happy to see the results of this Merrymoo A2 Pure Cow Milk Desi Ghee. The real and natural smell was really amazing. On the next day I applied on my body that experience was really great. Thanks for the honesty in development of Merrymoo A2 Pure Cow Milk Desi Ghee.

  14. Satpal singh Dahiya

    Ek number ka ghee hai.. Main pichle 2 months se use kar raha hu. Majorly I like it’s real colour and texture and taste. As per my idea this Merrymoo A2 Pure Cow Milk Desi Ghee is the best in this segment and price range.


    Really it’s amazing in taste and good for health. My Tau ji was using this ghee . His Ayurvedic doctor suggested to use for good and healthy ❤️ heàrt. Now he is fit and no need for heart surgery.#merrymoofarms

  16. Tarun Dahiya

    I am from hansraj college of delhi university. I am an archer. My trainer suggested me to apply desi cow ghee on my hand mussels because while practice of archery my hand mussels works a lot. The application of this #A2 Pure Cow Milk Desi Ghee was a fantastic🤘😝🤘 treatment for my hand mussels. Now I practice around 4 hours a day and I am quite ok 👌with mussels pain. I daily take 50 gram of desi #CowGhee every day. As per my experience this is the real taste of natural grazing cow ghee.

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