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61 reviews for Merrymoo A2 Desi Cow Milk

  1. Ramesh Singh

    Milk quality is good. It’s very nice and healthy.

  2. Jitesh Gola

    its been almost 2 months I am using merry moo from Buffalo milk to A2 cow milk , they delivered the purest , healthiest milk in market
    I’m totally satisfied with this milk. Quality of this product is very awesome,
    I gauranteed you didn’t complaint about freshness when you open this pack it’s smell sooo sweet and reminds me village’s milk.
    you can easily get around 2 kg butter from one month 1lts buffalo milk supply .
    So, I personally recommended to all go & use this without any hasitation which is free from any adulteration(I personally tested the milk and result came out to pure milk).

  3. Sadev Pradhan

    The A2 Milk and ghee is of top notch quality. It is amazing to see the freshness of these daily essentials. Attached with the convenience of doorstep delivery, MerryMoo provides an all encompassing experience.

  4. niraj j

    best milk quality

  5. Lipi Solanki

    Very good quality milk. 👌

  6. Sapna

    Pure quality

  7. Bharat Anand

    We have tried your A2 milk & ghee. Both are very fresh that’s why I have taken full subscription. Thanks & keep up the quality n service.

  8. Ankush Nangia

    Very good quality of milk 👍👍

  9. Priti Prabha

    V.good quality milk ,tastes great !

  10. Haminder Singh Kohli

    💯% Pure , 💯% Tasty, Yummy. I highly recommend

  11. shivranjan pandey

    I am using a2milk services from last 5 month and i am totally satisfied with the quality of a2 cow milk and a2 milk products served by them. Owner is very supportive and in case of any queries he look into it personally. So, I got prompt resolutions always. The quality is better than any brand I have used earlier.

    Thankful and highly recommended.

  12. Ramesh Manhal

    Milk quality is good..I am loving it.

  13. Durgesh Kumar yadav

    Perfect suggestion by owner worked for me. My baby was not able to digest any milk and as per owner suggestion I gave sahiwal a2 cow milk it got perfectly suited

    Thank you merrymoofarms

  14. Brajesh Kumar

    We were looking for #a2cowmilk at gurugram region and tried various branded gaushala services. But now we got Incredible milk, incredible quality with merrymoofarms and of course at comparatively cheaper price.
    It recalls me of my childhood days.
    Same taste and quality.

  15. ranjeet chouhan

    After relocating to gurugram it was a tough job for me to find best trusted a2milk source. but when you mate it was end of my search
    thank you merrymoofarms for serving us.

  16. Dinesh Shukla

    Best quality I hv ever experienced with merrymoofarms

  17. Sujata Arora

    This milk is pure and I feel blessed to get this milk. When I drink this milk I feel as if I am having Bhagwan Krishna’s prasad or charnamrit. Thank you so much, it’s too good. Really priceless.

  18. Ravindra Shrivastava

    Lucky to find such team offering complete range of A2 Breed Milk in affordable range.
    Thank You merrymoofarms

  19. Anuj Yadav

    Always try the products of this brand
    I have seen first hand the conditions in which they make their products and I can surely say all the products are manufactured in the most hygienic and clean environment and conditions for sure !!…..thus kindly try their products without any risk for sure ….especially the A2 Cow Milk

  20. Vridul Gahlawat

    I have been their regular customer for two years now. They have good quality and great variety of products available.

  21. monu

    “Fully Satisfied with quality and services”
    Thank You merrymoofarms

  22. Rocky Chauhan

    Healthy and Fresh milk delivered on time. The quality is better than the packaged milk. It will surely suit you and your children.
    Thank You merrymoofarms

  23. Sultan Singh

    Best quality milk
    Thank You merrymoofarms

  24. bhavishya bidhuri

    Good quality

  25. harinder singh

    Product is best Thank You merrymoofarms

  26. Dead Ocean

    Excellent service A2 Breed Milk in affordable range.
    Thank You merrymoofarms

  27. Keshav Kumar Mishra

    Few days ago , Me and my family are very disappointed about the quality of milk. My one friend suggest me about merrymoofarms and then I order for milk from merrymoofarms . Really they provides good quality milk and services are also fast.

  28. sumit kumar

    merrymoofarms provides best cow milk which help in increase the body immunity. Best services in a very affordable price.

  29. swati singh

    Few day ago,Doctor suggest cow milk for me and my family. Then I use cow milk from merrymoofarms. They provides only pure milk , no chemical are added

  30. ravi

    “They have good quality and great variety of products available.”

  31. Sraboni Bhaduri

    I was an early adopter of A2 milk and this initiative of going the natural, organic and indigenous for the whole cycle preceding it. Milk is only the last link in the chain. Fodder and where it is grown is equally important. I have visited the farms and then you understand why all the produce is genuine and truly good for you

  32. Vridul Gahlawat

    I have been their regular customer for two years now. They have good quality and great variety of products available.

  33. Rubina Batra

    It’s been now years I have been consuming their organic products and their is a mark difference in our health .
    Thank You merrymoofarms

  34. kapil keshav

    Great Services #merrymoofarms

  35. Yogita Sharma

    The quality and taste of milk is distinctly good. The service and freshness is beyond words. I am happy that my family is drinking something which is really beneficial for their health.

  36. Tushar verma

    The milk is provided by milk of life is best & pure quality of A2 milk, as they care for their clients health and services. I highly apperciated merrymoofarms for providing the excellent milk services.

  37. raj

    Very good quality milk and excellent service from merrymoofarm”

  38. ayushi

    “I have tried the milk product from merrymoofarm and I personally found it the best milk product in Gurgaon and the service are also best.

  39. meenu aggarwal

    We get fresh Cow milk every morning at my door step Thank u so much merrymoofarm to provide this healthy and organic cow milk”

  40. Shruti Rathore

    It’s a place where you can actually see the implementation of ‘purity is the priority’.

  41. Deepak Negi

    quality milk & good service

  42. Gaurav Mahaur

    Good quality condensed and tasty milk
    💯% Pure , 💯% Tasty, Yummy. I highly recommend

  43. Sumeet Manocha

    Good quality milk available.£merrymoofarms

  44. Swati Maheshwari

    Orginal and natural milk. Because their milk taste is not same whole year, it’s changes due to change in wheather and feed which given to cows. Overall I’m very satisfy with milk.
    Thanks for providing us such milk.

  45. Ridhi Saluja

    Very good quality milk also on time delivery.
    Highly recommend for cow milk .
    I am having their milk services from last 6 months.

    Best for kids.
    Thanks alot for your best service.

  46. Suman Dehran

    good quality milk. ur ghee quality is also very good. thanks for providing us pure A2 milk and ghee.

  47. Nishant Parashar

    They provide pure A2 cow milk. As a parent it gives me ultimate satisfaction to know that my kid is getting the right milk. I am purchasing milk from them since the last 1 year and have found no issues with the quality of milk or delivery #merrymoofarms

  48. Samiksha Gaur

    I would like to thank merrymoofarms providing pure cow A2 milk. My family has been consuming cow milk from the last 1 years. Very satisfied with the quality of milk and milk products like Paneer and butter. Please keep up the good work.

  49. Sachiin Bhatnaggar

    Excellent quality of A2 milk I got from merrymoofarms. One of the best milk I tasted so far. I have been taking A2 milk and ghee from them. Quality and service has always been impressive.

  50. rakesh sharma

    I am taking A2 Cow milk from the last one year. The milk is very good in taste as well as easily digestable.

  51. Harvinder Singh

    The quality of the A2 milk and ghee is really good, along with the best and timely delivery even in the rainy days. Overall my experience is very good.#merrymoofarms

  52. ram

    The A2 Cow Milk by merrymoofarms is so pure that u will in love with it. The a2milk, taste & quality is highly maintained. Service is also the best😊i ll suggest just go for it.#merrymoofarms

  53. Sushrut Trivedi

    Very Good Quality Milk and delivery services are also very nice.Thank You merrymoofarms

  54. bandana jha

    They deliver pure a2 Desi cow milk .It taste really good and pure. Delivery is on time every day

  55. Bhaskara Santosh Kumar Pudipeddi

    Wonderful A2 Milk Timely delivery, Apt Service, Ghee also tried and happy to be a customer #merrymoofarms

  56. Akash Deep Verma

    Milk Quality is really exceptional and best part is that it’s pocket friendly A2 cow milk

  57. Neha Jatin Mehtani

    Pure n tasty n healthy cow milk… Feeding by kid frm last a year… N will b cont…

  58. Manisha Garg

    Authentic A2 cow milk ….real taste of milk n full of nutrients

  59. Saurabh Verma

    Pure cow milk. Feeding this to kids for last 1 month, truly pure.#merrymoofarms

  60. Ankit Jhingran

    Best Quality…
    Best Service…
    In short excellent product… Keep up the good work.
    Thank you merrymoofarms

  61. Reena Paliwal

    Gud quality of milk n service too👍👍#merrymoofarms

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