Ghee in Indian Festivals

Ghee in Indian Festivals

With its values and importance deep-rooted in our culture, Ghee is a pivotal component of our lives. Be it becoming strong or that nostalgia sweets Ghee has seldom left us alone. We all remember Diwali, with the lighting of those lamps with Ghee to having those delicacies made rich by infusing Ghee. Ghee has been credited as a symbol of care, especially when you get extra Ghee on your paratha at Nani’s house. Ghee is not just important from its taste point of focus. It has a parallel advantage of being auspicious or the elixir of Gods in Indian festivals. It aligns all the 3 elements of Vatah, Pita, Kapah in Ayurveda making it therapeutic as well. Such is the essence of Ghee, that an Indian marriage is incomplete without pouring Ghee into the holy pyre. Today’s time has transformed Ghee into a gifting delight as well.

The creamy texture of the Ghewar during Teej, the Laddoos we all give during Diwali are all made to perfection with Ghee in them. Not just that, even sweets exchanged by families during weddings are treated with utmost importance if Ghee is a part of them. We sometimes do not realize but Ghee is more embedded in our lives than we realize, ranging from presents during exam results to promotions in our jobs, it is not just the pleasantries but the Ghee that makes it rich, tasty, and palatable for us and the people we care about.

The normal Ghee is great in taste, yet difficult to digest by people who have a natural intolerance to lactose. For such people, a more premium yet
convenient miracle is A2 Ghee made from the milk of Sahiwal Cows. Which stands out from your usual Ghee of choice due to its golden tinge. It is filled with so many essential amino acids and enzymes. The 2 responsible for making Ghee rich in elements that make lactose-intolerant people digest A2 Cow Ghee. This has made sure that they enjoy the same joy and pleasure that is bestowed upon consumers of regular Ghee. Secondly, the A2 Cow Ghee has a lot of micronutrients that contribute to bone and skin health.

Furthermore, A2 Ghee brings numerous advantages with its immunity-giving properties which makes it a sign of good health for our loved ones, when Ghee-laden sweets are given at festivals like Rakshabandhan and Bhai Dooj. A2 Cow Ghee is pure, rich, smooth, and easy to digest which makes it ideal for those who find it difficult to digest heavy food items. Festivities have an elevated grandeur when A2 Cow Ghee is added to the sweets and offerings.

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